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AGDI universeEdit

Abdul Alhazred's job like all members of the Black Cloak Society was to usurp control from the unfaithful in preparation for the Great Day of Ascension, and the rise his leader, The Father (unofficial). It was his duty to destroy anyone who tried to get in the way. For his part he made plans with Brother Shadrack (unofficial) to take over the realm of the Land of the Green Isles in preparation for the Ascension of their leader.

TSL universeEdit

Alhazred is a magic user, perhaps a wizard even. He is quite capable of magic spells, enchantments and disenchantments without the help of his former genie. But he requires supplies including a magic wand, and other ingredients.[1] Casting a spell of disenchantment he was able break a magical ward that was placed on his dungeon cell.

Cassima's QuestEdit

Revenge of the Black Cloak SocietyEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

In The Four Winds, it is said that Abdul Alhazred would end answering for his crimes, to be judged the Lord of the Dead when he finally dies. In fact the most unpeaceful of spirits are often bound to the surface and prevented from even entering the realm to be judged.

It seems that although the Lord of the Dead judges the souls of individuals, that those that fell under the influence of sins such as greed, infighting, and anxiety end up as ghouls on the surface with no chance of redemption, barred from the Underworld, to walk the surface eternally, until they become ghouls. Thus it is in the best interests of the Green Islanders to live peaceful lives. So in official lore this may be enough for Abdul Alhazred to end up on the surface of the realm. Rather than to pass on to peace.

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