King's Quest: Adventures of GrahamEdit

In the new King's Quest, there is an image of Alexander based on the box art from KQ6. There are some changes to the appearance of the image though, and he is redrawn in a more cartoony style. Alexander is at a different angle, looking in a different direction. The size and color of his scarf is changed. He now wears a mantle around his neck rather than the leather paldrons. He wears a green shirt with yellow vertical stripes (somewhat similar to the shirt Alexander is shown wearing on the cover of The Floating Castle). His hairstyle is a bushy coiffure and bangs covering his forehead. He has a goatee around his mouth. His left hand is drawn to look like a clenched fist, while is left looks like its limp (or karate chop form) with the palm facing towards his body. His bluish trousers appear to balloon outside of his boots, like the trousers of German soldier, the details of the boots themselves are hard to make out, but appear to be solid dark brown color.