Angels are a race of winged human-like beings. They are often associated with Heaven. They are often seen as guardians that protect humans on earth.
The Sylphs are a race of angels.

The Winged Ones are a race of angelic humanoids as well. The man-eating plants call Valanice, "Angel Food", after a white cake named after Angels.

Cherubs are another angelic type race.

Angels are separated from the winged-fairies, and nymphs, as the latter have insect wings, whereas angels have bird wings.

Angels are often associated with heaven giving the place the nickname Angelville.

Behind the scenesEdit

Angels of the Sylph race can be seen on the walls of the Hall of Respite in KQ8. The MOE Hintbook mentions that the statue in the room is that of an 'angel' as well. Its called a sylph statue in the debug mode.

According to KQ5 script files ('script.058') the two statues flanking the organ are statues of angels.

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