Annabel is Rosella's personal maid in Castle Daventry.[1]


Annabel was warm and motherly. She cared for Rosella day and night since she was an infant, except for one morning about six months after the twins birth, when Queen Valanice returned to the castle from a picnic at Lake Maylie after her son had gone missing there. She looked into the nursery and found it unattended with Alexander's crib empty and Rosella crying uncontrollably. The castle was scoured high and low, and every inch of Daventry was searched, but there never was any sign of the little boy. Annabel continued to lovingly take care of Rosella, almost seeing her as own child (and was extra careful to protect her mistress, perhaps due to the guilt of having lost Alexander).

As Rosella grew, Annabel had taken the princess on picnics when she was little, and dressed the cuts and scrapes she had gotten after a day's play. Annabel had told her wonderful stories, and had always been there when she awoke frightened by a dream in the middle of the night.

Annabel had been the one who never told Valanice how Rosella had been the one who let Valanice's prize wolfhound out one night...and when a few weeks later mongrel puppies were born, and when Valanice had been rightly furious, Annabel insisted that Rosella had been abed, and not near the kennels at all.

She cosseted Rosella, babied her, and told her stories to the rest of the castle staff[2][3]

Behind the scenesEdit

Annabel was likely the maid for both twins including Alexander. Until he was kidnapped. Although its unclear if she became Rosella's maid before or after the kidnapping, only that she became her maid when she was an infant.


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