The information from this article is from the fan game {{{game}}} or fan fiction and is therefore not canon.

Anne is an original character featured in Revenge Of The Black Cloak Society

Anne is one of the women of Daventry. She is was a friend of Sarah, who is the girlfriend of Connor. While she was good friends with Sarah, she did envy her friend for having someone in her life. The reasons why she was not in a relationship was never noted, but it is hinted she has not been in a relationship.

Her life changed when she had spotted a strange man. This strange man had been Brutus, who at that time was under the spell of Shadrack. At the time, her own wishes for someone in her life appeared to be answered, and only helped the extra spell Shadrack had in effect.

After feeling relaxed around him, she followed the stranger into the forest and eventually to the Gingerbread House that belonged to Dahlia. Once there, she was entranced further by Shadrack. After that, Dahlia’s spirit was placed in her body, keeping Anne’s spirit imprisoned.

Once Dahlia was defeated, Anne’s spirit was freed, and also able to pass on a critical fact to King Graham and Queen Valanice. While the magic used to revive Dahlia was old magic, the caster had a young face.

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