Arcade game is the term many of the Sierra hintbooks refer to certain parts of the game that take a bit of dexterity and careful maneuvering.




  • Mountain Path from/to Wizard's House
  • Mountain Paths/Caves in Daventry


  • Stairs
  • Mountain Path to Castle

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Behind the scenesEdit

Each quest seems to have fewer arcade sequences where you pilot the character around obstacles, up steps, and along cliffs. In KQVI there is only the one scene where Alexander picks his way across a maze in the catacombs. Is this intentional?

We got more complaints about that than we got people liking it. Most people say, “We just want to go from here to there; we don’t want to worry about falling off steps.” So back in King’s Quest IV we started taking you up stairs automatically. And in KQV we introduced the Travel icon where you just click the place you want to go, and the software pilots you there safely.

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