King Arthur was a legendary king and friend to the great wizard Merlin.


The Lady of the Lake gave a great sword to young king.

It is also said that the great wizard Merlin created the Round Table for the monarch, for his knights. Merlin often used the Magic Mirror (that became Daventry's mirror) to help Arthur become victorious in battle. One known as Jack the Giant Killer saved the Kingdom and Arthur's son from giants, Arthur made him a knight of the Round Table, and gave him a castle all his own, and he married the daughter of one of King Arthur's dukes.

Arthur later died, and his body was buried on the island of Avalon. It was rumored that he would arise again, as the Once and Future King.

Behind the scenes Edit

Arthur Pendragon is a character from Sierra's Conquests series, though there is no direct connection between the King's Quest references to the character and the other Sierra series. The Sierra' King Arthur does appear in Quest for Glory II.

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