The Ax is a weapon in KQ8.


After defeating the spriggans defending the windmill. He entered and found a sharp ax embedded in an overhead ceiling beam. Because he couldn't reach the ax from the ground he moved a bail of hay underneath it so he would be able to reach the new weapon. He discarded his Dagger since he no longer needed it with the stronger weapon. As he left the windmill he looked at his new weapon, and was soon able to use as he was attacked by one of Lucreto's henchmen. After winning the battle Connor was able to use the axe to get into boarded up Alchemist's Shop, and also knock down a tree into the river near the Grinding Mill to stop the mills press so he could reach the rope and hook. Later Connor used the axe to ring the Large Silver Bell three times in order to call the Lady of the Lake. She then gave him the Sword of the Lake, and he discarded the axe near the bell.

Had Connor not received the Sword of the Lake, he would have had to pick up the mace or the broadsword in the Dimension of Death to replace the axe.

Behind the scenesEdit

The name of the weapon is axe in the game or 'ax' in the KQ8 Hintbook.

The ax is also one of several alternate non-combat solutions (I.E. defeating an enemy without actually fighting) for defeating the Spriggan near the mausoleum by jumping off the mausoleum.

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