Azakas was a fierce ogre and minion of Telgrin


He was guarding Telgrin's wagons and loot. He was allowed to eat from the plunder while he guarded it. He was fairly smart and sophisticated compared to most Ogres. Alexander was able to flatter him by convincing him he was an ogre of great distinction that didn't deserve to have to work for Telgrin. Not only did Alexander learn more information about Telgrin and the black castle, he also convinced Azakas to leave the wagons by giving him the green wallet so he would no longer have a need to eat from the carts. Thus allowing Alexander a way of getting into the castle by hiding in the wagons.[1]

Titles and nicknamesEdit

  • Sir Ogre


  1. KQTFC, pg 97-99, 103-107

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