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Baba Yaga is a character from Hoyle 3 and is the name or inspiration of the Witch of the Dark Forest.[1]


Baba Yaga encountered Rosella, Graham, Mordack and Lolotte in the world off Hoyle, where they were challenged to a number of board games (along with Adavis).

In another story the Beast was once a prince, but a witch trapped him in the form of a beast and set him on an island. There once was a prince, who cared for nothing but adventuring and rescuing fair maidens, but he rankled one too many evil hags.

One dark night, through a hag's terrible cruelty and cunning, he was turned into an obscenity; warped in shape and trapped on an enchanted island for over a hundred years. The sorceress only left him a 'way out,' but it was only her final bitter joke. He need only find a maiden to join him on the island; to share his castle, his life...willingly.

Titles and nicknamesEdit

  • Witch of the Dark Forest
  • Black Forest Witch
  • Old Witch
  • Witch
  • The Bitch

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Behind the scenesEdit

According to GOG's summary for their King's Quest 4-5-6 collection. Baba Yaga is the inspiration for the witch in KQ5 (although it could be inspiration for the witch who turned Beast into Prince, or perhaps both)[2]

In the story The Feather of Finist the Falcon a girl searching for her lost lover (who comes to her in the form of a falcon). She finds a hut with a witch (sometimes referred to as a Baba Yaga), who gives her a gift (such as a silver spinning wheel and a golden spindle). This does seem to connect the fact that this character in the game has Rumplstiltskin's spinning wheel. This story has some similarities with Beauty and the Beast as well.

In some variants of the story of Hansel and Gretel, and Beauty and Beast, the witch in the stories are said to be Baba Yaga.

The witch also takes inspiration from characters such as Dame Gothel from Rapunzel story.

A Baba Yaga who looks like the character from KQ5 with white hair (but is probably based on Quest for Glory character of the same name) appears in Hoyle 3. Her vga image alpears to be roughly based off of Baba Yaga's EGA sprite in Hero's Quest/QFG1.

As the King's Quest Companion and most sources leave her to be an 'unnamed' witch. the alternate article reflects this. This article reflects information about Baba Yaga (from Hoyle 3) and inspiration to the series in general.

Baba Yaga is also inspiration for some of the elements of Hagatha (KQGS) in particular her chicken legged  Hagatha's Tower.

Baba Yaga is widely known (in Sierra games) as the antagonist of Quest for Glory 1, and later neutral unpredictable ally in Quest for Glory 4.


  2. Let yourself become enthralled by the incredible atmosphere created by Roberta Williams, who drew inspiration from fairy tales and stories like The Beauty and the Beast, Baba Yaga and many more.

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