The Baby's Tears are plants growing in the Pun Garden on the Isle of Wonder. These little veggies are quiet as a mouse, sleeping away like the babies they are. However, it doesn't take a whole lot to set them off and make them cry.[1] They are viney vegetable plants with the head of a baby growing out of the ground like a flower.

Alexander gave one of them a Milk bottle, which made the others start sobbing away, since they wanted some, too. Alexander collected some of their tears in an old hunter's lamp for the Make Rain Spell.

Behind the scenesEdit

Baby's tears are a real plant, Soleirolia soleirolii.

Baby's tears have a superficial resemblance to Cabbage Patch Kids. However, unlike cabbage patch kids, the baby face does not grow out of a head of cabbage, but rather it is loosely based on the baby's tears — a low growing viney plant — also known as Pollyanna Vine. However, it doesn't have much resemblance to the actual plant.


  1. KQ6 Hintbook, pg33

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