The Backwards alphabet is an alphabet based from the common tongue, used for codes.


Also known as a "retrograde alphabet," it is a relativelys simple cipher that is used for encoding messages. The latter "Z" becomes "A", "Y" turns into "B," "X" is "C," and so on. The number "0" becomes "9," "1" turns into "8," etc. Because of its very simplicity, the backwards alphabet can occassionally be quite effective in situations where a complex code is expected.[1] Rumplestiltskin spells his name Ifnkovhgroghprm using the backward's alphabet.

Behind the scenesEdit

The manual for KQ1 for the SMS uses another form of alphabet cipher to encode clues in the back of the book shifting each letter over by one. One of the clues mentions having to use the "BACKWARDS ALPHABET" to answer Gnome's name. See KQ1SMS manual.

The SCI version changes the puzzle so that you only have to spell his name backwards (nikstlitselpmur), making it a little easier.


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