The Bad Guys are non-helpful creatures found primarily in KQ1 (although a few enemies are called 'Bad Guys' in KQ2) found on the main map of Kingdom of Daventry. That either try to kill you, steal from you, or just hinder you.[1] Most cannot be killed or harmed and can only be avoided.

Bad Guys are also enemies that will take treasures (such as the gold egg, pouch of diamonds, the sceptre or the gold walnut) in return for passage.[2] This would include the rat.

In the original manual for King's Quest 1 these were referred to as the "Dangerous Characters". In the second version of the manual they were referred to as 'dangerous beings'.

Starting KQ2 Hintbook the 'bad guys' are lumped together under "Encounters" (encounters can be any good or bad creature that appears on the main map)

Graham may be made immune by help of the Magic Shield in KQ1 or other Good Guys such as the Elf's Magic Ring, Fairy Godmother (KQ1) or Good Fairy (KQ2).

There are fewer 'enemies' in KQ3 that share similar mechanic to the wandering bad guys from previous games. But there are a few that share similarities. The bandits are similar to the dwarf from KQ1/KQ2. Medusa is also a random encounter, but she can be dangerous from across the screen depending on how the player is faced, or can touch the character. The pirates assuming they aren't put to sleep can be random trouble on both the ship and the beach. Of course Manannan is always a dangerous threat and can appear anywhere, unless you defeat him first.

The Official Book of King's Quest classifies the The Ogre from KQ4 as a "Bad guy". But zombies also hold the position of randomized threats unless you have the scarab. Goons might also be considered possible on screen 'threat' (but largely limited to certain screens, or if woken up).

KQ5 has a number of 'random' or 'scripted' bad guys. The witch for example may appear at any time once you enter the Dark Forest. The Blue Meanie, Mordack, and Manannan are all random threats within Mordack's castle. To make matters worse, once they appear they are not usually avoidable.

List of Bad GuysEdit

KQ1 (mainworld)Edit

  • Wolf
  • Troll
  • Ogre
  • Witch
  • Dwarf
  • Sorcerer

KQ1 (underground/sky)Edit

  • Rat
  • Dragon
  • Giant
  • Leprechauns


KQ2 (Other)Edit

  • Ghosts
  • Dracula
  • Lion


  • Bandits
  • Medusa
  • Manannan
  • Pirates
  • Abominable Snowman







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