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Map of the Barren Region

The Barren Region is north of Daventry, it lies above and to the west of the Gnome World on a plateau at the base of an ancient volcano.


A hot and dry place with rivers of lava, the Barren Region is no place for Man. It is populated by friendly weirdling traders and metal-working hill people who have now come upon hard times as a result of the cataclysm. Years ago there was a regular trade with the people from the Ice World who live at the top of the volcano.

This volcanically active region is inhabited by a plethora of "hot-headed" creatures. Oversized fire ants and the infamous, powerful Basilisk ruled this land. And adventurers must not forget to look down... pits of fiery lava dot the landscape! One must keep a sharp eye out for the Weirdlings, a truly-odd band of traders that can restock ones inventory with useful tools, weapons and armor.[1]

This is likely foothills and part of the Great Mountains range north of Daventry, and separates Daventry from Serenia.


  • Jail Cells
  • Store Room
  • Steam Elevator

Behind the scenesEdit

This land is known as 'The Barren Region' in the loading screen.

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