Beautiful Lake

The Beautiful Lake is a beautiful little lake in the heart of Daventry.


At one time the peaceful little lake lay to the east of Castle Daventry. It lay to the north of the northern Troll Bridge and the Old Stone Bridge. To the northeast was the Goat Pen. To the east lay a rotting stump and log.

A treacherous river flows southwest from the lake to parts unknown. A river flows into the lake from the northeast fed by a small pleasant waterfall from the rocks. The rocks lead to some underground spring coming from its nooks and crannies. A small, ordinary tree jutted up from between the rocks near the spring.[1]

Small and pleasant bushes thrive near the clear little spring-fed lake, and graceful willows adorn the edge of the lake.[2] Flowers that are very beautiful grow out of the lake near the rocks. The small spring bubbles up from the rocks and splashes and pours into the crystal clear lake as a small waterfall. A majestic old tree stood nearby on the east shore.

Behind the scenesEdit

The name Beautiful Lake originates from the maps in the KQ1 Hintbook by Al Lowe. It is described as the "beautiful little lake" in KQ1. The second half of the lake is described as the Small Waterfall in Lake, in the KQ2 hintbook.

The magical law of "containment" affected almost all of Daventry during KQ1, so it is unclear where it truly lies in relationship to other locations on the map. The underbrush around the trees was home many furry animals. There may be a relation to the Long Lake, but its unclear.


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