Beauty's House was the home of the maiden, Beauty. It lies just outside town on the edge of the residential district of the Village of the Crown.


It is a fine house with a private yard. The yard is is surrounded by a gated fence and is full of red rose hedges. Red roses beautifully cover the top of the house's fence and gate arbor. The house is made of stucco in an architectural style native to the island. It is apparently quite old since climbing vine embrace its exterior. A low stone fence separates the private yard from the public path. An old, weathered chair s situated one one side of the porch.


Behind the scenesEdit

A family cat is mentioned in the game files.[1]


  1. Narrator (KQ6): There's no reason to use that on the poor family cat., "Alexander would never be able to catch the cat and wouldn't want to take the family's pet, anyway.", "A striped cat lounges in the yard of the private home. It must be a family pet.", "Apparently, the cat has got its own tongue, but it refuses to reply."

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