Beginning of time, can refer to the start of time, as in creation, or the start of recorded history.


  • Samhain - has ruled the Land of the Dead since long before the beginning of time.
  • Sinofas - Has ruled the marsh near daventry since the beginning of time.
  • Creation - Another word for the 'beginning of time'.
  • Crispinophur - An old wizard often associated with the 'beginning of time' in Daventry.
  • Sovereignty of Serenia (Serenia) often to be the first nation to created at the 'beginning of time'.
  • Crispin's House is thought to be as old as the beginning of time.
  • Withdrawal the first is often considered the beginning of time for the world of Daventry.
  • Ancient Well said to exist as old as Daventry.
  • Ancient Ones perhaps existed before the withdrawal.
  • Winged Ones a race that apparently existed on the world before the beginning of time (before the withdrawal).
  • Old Woods existed before the fairies came to the world.
  • Glass Mountains older than the Old Woods.
  • Lizard Folk first race before the rise of man.
  • The Old a time ancient and perhaps before the beginning of time.

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