Betty Cowden
Betty Cowden was a ghost haunting the Whateley Manor.


She is a sad woman who was the lover and wife of a sea captain whom was lost at sea. She kept pictures of him in her engraved locket (the engraving itself was a picture of her husband).

She died sad at age 19, and buried in Whateley Cemetery with her locket before it was brought over from the Other World to Tamir. She became the Lady Ghost.

Her gravestone reads:

Betty Cowden
Here lieth the body of Betty Cowden
Who would live longer but she couden;
Sorrow and grief made her decay
When she lost her lover at sea one day.

She haunted the Whateley Manor, her ghost rocking back in forth in a ghostly rocking chair, crying. Rosella calmed her soul by returning her the locket.

Behind the ScenesEdit

According to the novel in The King's Quest Companion, the locket is said to be engraved on the outside with a black-bearded sea captain - her husband. In the game, however, only shows the picture on the inside, which is a man without a beard, and his trade is unknown (though implied he was a sailor as he died at sea).

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