In Both Edit

  • The alligators sprites are the same sprites in both Black Cauldron and King's Quest...

Easter Eggs in King's QuestEdit

  • Black Cauldron is referenced in 2.0 versions of King's Quest II on the note behind the tree.
  • Black Cauldron is also referenced in the note in the glass bottle in KQ4.
  • In The Floating Castle is a magic food wallet that never runs out of food. There was such a wallet in The Black Cauldron.
  • The Black Cauldron is referenced in the KQ1 Hintbook under a false question.[1]
  • The Black Cauldron is referenced in the KQ3 Hintbook under a false question.[2]

Easter Eggs in Black Cauldron.Edit

  • A message in Fflewddur's cell; "You peek through a crack in the wall, and see someone playing "King's Quest III" on the next disk. This puzzles you immensely!"
  • In the scene where you bargain for the cauldron:

"Al loves Marg" Marguerite Lowe is Al Lowe's wife, but the chosen spelling could be "Gram" backwards, or subliminal message to Graham. Marguerite Lowe also worked on some of the other games including King's Quest III.

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