Black Cloak
Black Cloak are cloaks made of dark material.


A Black Cloak was one of two gifts given to Graham by Grandma because of his kindness in giving her Chicken Soup. It once belonged to Count Dracula but its unclear how it came into Grandma's possession. It along with the Ruby Ring allowed Graham to trick the Ghoul Ferryman and the ghosts near Castle Dracula into thinking he was somebody else. The black cloak was a better fit for a man taller than Graham. Red satin lines the inside.

Rosella receives a Black Cloak which she uses to disguise herself as the Woman in Black, the ghost of Elspeth Tsepish.

Members of the Society of the Black Cloak also wear black cloaks.

Behind the scenesEdit

Although the Black Cloak, took on another meaning in KQ6, the Society of the Black Cloak, there is no evidence that Dracula or Elspeth have any connection to the group.

The black cloak in KQ2 can be used on the nightingale cage, however, it doesn't fit right and falls off.

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