The Black Forest Witch is the name of KQ5 character known as Witch of the Dark Forest in other versions of the game.


She is the witch that rules over the Forbidden Forest ( and the Forbidden Grove within the forest) and other regions of the Dark Forest.

It is believed by some that the evil Black Forest Witch and the unforgiving Ice Queen are in cahoots using sinister powers to promote their shared wicked cause.[1] As such they were considered potential suspects for kidnapping Castle Daventry and Graham's family for their evil plans. Of course while witch herself is evil, and doesn't like intruders in her forest lands. Icebella turns out to be helpful though untrusting of Graham at first.

If she was still an 'ally' of the witch its really not clear what their plans actually were. Icebella either didn't know that Graham defeated the witch, or didn't care too much, after he saved her kingdom.

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Behind the scenesEdit

In early development of KQ5 the roles of the the two characters appear to have been the same or both witches. With the Ice Queen then being know as the Ice Witch, and living in the Ice Witch's Dwelling.

The name Black Forest Witch as she is known according to box of KQ5 NES[2] give her ties to the witch in Hansel and Gretel in some versions of the myth which are set in the Black Forest of Germany. In one variation of Baba Yaga story takes on elements from Hansel and Gretel where the protagonist convinces Baba Yaga to get into her own oven. Like the PC version the BFW is said to be one of three hags Graham has encountered during his life.


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