Book Worm (aka Bookworm) is a worm living inside the books in Bookland at Exclamation Point on Isle of Wonder. In fact, he is said to be one in a colony of bookworms.[1]

The Book Worm loves the books and his pets more than anything in the world. He's a literary fellow, but not unapproachable--he enjoys a good trade now and then.


He is the librarian and chief tax collector of the Isle of Wonder. He is neighbor with Oxymoron, and Diphthong. He wanted to trade a rare book for items of grammar. Alexander brought him Dangling Participle in return for the book.


Bookworm (or his friends) makes several authors to trade for the rare book these include;

  • Dangling participle
  • Itinerant clause
  • Marsh pig that does taxes
  • Purple fiddlewacker
  • Idiosyncrasy
  • Subordinate clause
  • Split infinitive
  • Fleeting moment
  • Falling arches
  • Regular abnormality
  • Prepositional phrase

Behind the scenesEdit

This character is referred to as Book Worm or the Bookworm in the KQ6 Hintbook.[2] In KQ6, it is usually known as the Bookworm.

Bookworm (unofficial)Edit

Bookworm also appears in The Silver Lining. For more information, see Bookworm (unofficial).

References Edit

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  2. KQ6 Hintbook, 33

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