The Boring Book was a book in Ali's Books. It contents were so incredibly dull that it put most who read it to sleep. Ali could not find a buyer for it so he lowered its price, until finally he was forced to give it away for free. Alexander picked it up to look at it, and Ali told him he could have it. The text is as follows:

Two dulcimas raised to the degree of 40 halfdulcimas, divided into equal parts by the third of a cackle of grouse geese, put over the result of ten finemackels (albeit small finemackels), stretched over the total of fifty-three and an eighth bottles of wildebeast lard....yields a gilded minnow of precise measurements; two thousand sixty-nine centidrils by three million twenty-three punds (NOT punts, as might be expected). This is not to say, however any sense, whatsoever, that deviations in mean temperature of five or six dregs or so...indicate a fabrication or derivation sufficiently broad enough to exacerbate the conclusions uncovered, in due course, with regards to dimensions, consistency, mass or thickness inherent in the menial suckling grouse.

Behind the scenesEdit

This item is simply described as the book from the bargain table in the book shop, or the "bargain book", or the "boring book". The book's real title is unknown. In the KQ6 Hintbook it is known as the 'Boring Book'.


  • "Centidrils" - centi = one hundredth as in 'cent' (as in currency). However the word itself maybe nonsense.
  • "Pund" is the Old English name for a pound
  • "Punt" is the Irish Gaelic name for a pound, and was the currency of Ireland until the Euro was adopted
  • A "dreg" is a small amount of residue
  • "exacerbate" means worsen
  • "Gilded" - covered thinly with gold leaf or gold paint
  • a "grouse goose" A "grouse" is a medium to large game bird with a plump body and feathered legs. A goose is a different kind of bird. Often grouse and goose are next to each other on sportsman hunting or recipe lists (but separated with a comma).
  • "Menial" - lowly, servile, submissive.
  • "Minnow" - a person or thing that is comparatively small or insignificant. Or a type of small fish.
  • "suckling" - an unweaned child or animal.
  • Alexander does not pronounce "albeit" properly in the disc version. He says it like "all-bite", when it should be "all-be-it".
  • "Wildebeast" (misspelled, should be 'Wildebeest') is a large bovine also known as "gnus". Alexander also doesn't pronounce wildebeest correctly. It should be "will-da-beast". Alexander pronounces it or directly translates it to "wild beast". However 'will-da-beest' is the 'Dutch' pronunciation of the original dutch word, which is the equivalent to equivalent to wild wild + beest beast.[1] Wildebeest is directly translated to "wild beast" or "wild cattle" in English.

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