Brass Lamps are lamps that are often homes to to the djinn. The most famous Brass Lamp belonged to Aladdin.


The brass oil lamp was discovered by Milvia, the owner of the Kolyma antique store, under a pile of silk rugs in one of her husband's warehouses. She never tried to clean it because she felt it would fetch her a better price if it looked ancient and tarnished. It is said that Aladdin, the son of a poor tailor, once possessed a magic oil lamp such as the one Graham used.[1] In fact the Oil Lamp was in fact more than likely Aladdin's legendary Brass Lamp.

The brass oil lamp was given to King Graham after he returned the nightingale to the little old lady, Milvia, in the Antique Shop. It was fashioned of brass that was tarnished. There was a spout at one end, and a round handle at the other. It appeared to be empty inside.[2] Graham rubbed it to remove the tarnish, and out popped the Genie of the Lamp. The first gift the Genie gave him was a Magic Carpet, and then it returned back to the lamp. Graham rubbed the lamp again. The second gift the Genie gave him was a beautiful Shining Sword, before going back into the lamp for the second time. Graham rubbed the lamp with his sleeve for the 3rd and last time. This time the genie gave him a Leather Bridle, before going back into the lamp. After receiving the three gifts the lamp disappeared with a poof.

Brass lampsEdit


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