Brindlenose was a blue eyed man with a scar above one eyebrow. He lived on a farm near the Laburnum cave, with brothers his Hogshead, Lambsfoot, Ramsquarter and sister Tilly.


They would sacrifice travelers to the Laburnum in hopes, that the creatures would leave their fields alone. He had sacrificed a stringy guardsman, and a half-dead troll a month before Graham and Shallan showed up. He helped Lambsfoot toss Graham into the Pit of the Laburnum. Graham encountered him later, and he admitted that he had helped his brothers throw their sister Tilly into the Labernum pit. He and his brothers attempted to grab Graham again, but were stopped by hornets sent by Ahi'aorina, and told never to come to Daventry again, or they would end up in the dungeon.[1]


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