The Brushland (Grasslands/Grassland or Bushland) is a region of land that lies between the Endless Desert and Forest of Serenia. This is the location of the Gypsy Camp, the Ant Castle, and the Bee Tree. In the desert side, dangerous scorpions can be found, and fast roadrunners.

In the strip of land where the Grasslands meet the Forest there is some debate on if the region is considered part of the Forest of Serenia or if its own separate region known as the Meadow.

Behind the scenesEdit

These are areas marked as "Brushlands" in the KQ5 hintbook, In other official guides: it is listed as the Grasslands in the Official Book of King's Quest (1st Edition), the Grassland in the 3rd edition, or the Brushland (2nd edition)/Bushland(3rd and 4th editions) in King's Quest Companion. The scorption areas are referred to as the 'Deadly Desert Scorpions' in the companion.

Depending on the maps, the region with the tree, anthill, and gypsy clearing is sometimes referred to as part of the 'Forest' or referred to as the Meadow.

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