Brutus Bonecrusher
Brutus Bonecrusher is the fat guardian bridge troll of the bridge across the Underground River. The bridge lead to the exit of the Vulcanix Underground.


Brutus lived quite close to the flames of the river, in whatever den he occupied below the bridge.[1]

When Rosella encountered him, he wanted a toll of a thousand pieces of lead and a rat on a stick to let Rosella pass, but Rosella used a wagon to knock him into a river of fire so that she could pass. Brutus was not burned by the flames[2], but cursed at Rosella for her actions as the current swept him away.

Luckily for Brutus, he did survive his journey into the flame of the lava filled river, eventually escaping with only minimal burns. He lived on in a peaceful fulfilling life.


  • Brutus the Bridge Troll

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The mention of a "rat on a stick" may be a reference to "Orat on a stick" from Space Quest III.


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