The Bump-on-a-Log was a living bump growing from a log in the swamp of the Isle of Wonder. His brother Stick-in-the-Mud would often tease him and throw things at him. Alexander gave him Rotten Tomato to throw at his brother in revenge. Bump threw Rotten Tomato at Stick, and both Stick and Rotten Tomato threw swamp ooze back at Bump to get even. It was exactly the reaction that Alexander wanted out of them, so that he could get the swamp ooze he needed for the Magic Paint Spell.

Behind the scenesEdit

Bump-on-a-Log originates out of the KQ6 Hintbook and KQC Companion. He is calls himself Bump-on-the-log.[1]. He also has the nickname Bumpie.


Bump-on-a-log transcript


  1. "Finally, old Bump-on-the-log's not so defenseless, is he?

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