The information from this article is from the fan game {{{game}}} or fan fiction and is therefore not canon.

Candoria is the homeland of the Guard Dog (unofficial).


Humans and dog hybrids coexisted in peacefully in Candoria for centuries. Sadly, famine and drought had struck the land for a few years. The monarchy, ruled by King Aziz, became greedy and hoarded what little food was left. They forged a stone walled compound only humans could enter and recruited a select few dogs to guard it. Feuding broke out frequently and usually ended in bloodshed.

Information about other lands was highly secured, all the books in Candoria were in King Aziz’s castle. Guard dogs were not allowed in there.

Atticus fled Candoria traveling to Port Bruce where he met the Oracle, and learned about the Green Isles. He was magically transported there. He was taken by human guards before king Abbas. He was offered a mission to save the ferry, and after completing it, he and his kind were given the job of being the new guards of the Castle of the Crown for Abbas and his queen Rashi. They would continue to be the guards for many centuries to come.  [1]

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