In KQ I, King Edward commissions his knight, Graham to find the three treasures of the kingdom, the Chest of Gold, which never empties, Merlin's Mirror, and the Shield of Achilles. Graham sets out and goes into an underground cavern to find the mirror. Although it was guarded by a dragon, Graham splashes it with a bucket of water. Embarrassed, the dragon tucks its tail and runs away. Success! One treasure down, two to go!

He makes it to a gingerbread house. After he enters, he waits in the bedroom for Dahlia, the witch, to enter. Then, as she's cooking, he pushes her into her cooking pot. No one really knows WHY he did that, but he did.

Graham later meets a gnome who is spinning gold and has to guess the gnome's name. Any guesses? Anyway, he guesses correctly and receives three small beans, which he plants. An enormous beanstalk suddenly grows and he decides to climb it. Once he reaches the land of the clouds, he sees a giant carrying the magical chest. Graham decides to wait around until the giant falls asleep... which works. Once the giant's asleep, Graham walks right up and takes the chest away, runs down some stairs, out a door and is safe!

Finally, on to the shield which keeps the person holding it from harm. Graham looks up and sees an eagle. For some odd reason, he gets the idea to jump up and have the eagle carry him across the river. Why he couldn't swim, I don't know *shrugs* But the eagle drops him off next to a hole. He drops down the hole, around the corner, and sees a giant rat! What do you do with a rat? Feed it cheese! Thus, the rat runs away, with a full stomach. Behind the rat is a doorway, which Graham goes through and sees some leprechauns. Using the talent of the knight that he is...he plays the fiddle for them, and they all dance off. Graham walks into the throne room of the king of the leprechauns and sees the shield has been left by the king. He takes the shield (is he now a thief??), walks out of the underground cavern and heads back to the castle.

As soon as he arrives, he presents the treasures to King Edward. Just as he's about to crown Graham king... he dies *tear* And thus, the castle and all of Daventry becomes King Graham's.

Now to just find a queen... *dum dum duuummmm*

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