Cat's Cute and Thorough Mask of Eternity Review

Kings Quest VIII

A perilous puzzle

Popularly known as Mask of Eternity, or MoE, to the hard-core King's Quest fans, since this is far different from the other KQ games. Connor, a peasant, appears and is the main character. He travels through Daventry, the Dimension of Death, and about five other levels, killing all of the monsters who continually attack him, trying to find the missing pieces of the Mask of Eternity. Some bad guy (Lucreto) has destroyed the mask, which has turned everyone in Daventry (with the exception of Connor... because he was holding a piece of the mask at the time) into stone. Thus it's his job to restore the mask.

Long story short: he's successful and everyone in Daventry is thankful. And, if I remember correctly, Graham later knights him between MoE and KQ IX according to KQ2 (AGDI)...

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