Catacombs maps

The Catacombs of the Ancients (aka the Catacombs, Minotaur's Catacombs and the Minotaur's Labyrinth[1]) is a place of death and mystery. The Catacombs of the Ancient Ones are as steeped in legend as they are in peril. For those who survive them, they may find items of value. Of course, they'll have to get past the fabled minotaur.[2]


The Catacombs are old beyond reckoning, and dangerous to anyone who enters.

It was known to the Winged Ones that it was the burial grounds for the Ancient Ones and fashioned into the Labyrinth. The catacombs held the burial chambers of the Ancient Ones, and was designed as a giant labyrinth. To protect their tombs from looters, the Ancient Ones built death traps into the catacombs and filled it with dead-end paths, maze-like corridors, and rooms where secret knowledge is needed to pass.[3] The Winged Ones began burying their own dead in the Catacombs as well, and for generations they filled it with their own constructed traps to prevent looting or tampering with their beloved dead.[4]

The Winged Ones were very close to divulging all of the secrets of the catacombs, but a Minotaur, taking a liking to the dark and winding pathways, intruded upon the sacred ground to call it home. Many times the Winged Ones tried to reclaim the Catacombs but were no match for the Minotaur's speed and agility within the darkness of the menacing maze. Since the Winged Ones could not match the Minotaur, they bolted shut the Catacombs. For fear that the Minotaur might wreak havoc upon the Winged Ones' city, they agreed to his demand of one living sacrifice a year.

After Alexander defeated the Minotaur, the Winged Ones vowed to remove the dangerous traps, but this wasn't for long. Another minotaur had since taken up residence in the catacombs after Alexander took over the kingdom.[5]

The new Minotaur keeps its lair inside the Catacombs, but is just one of its dangers. A maze of flying spikes, a crushing room, and plentiful pits with no bottoms all wait for the lost or unwary.[6]


Room at the bottom of a trap floor that leads to the Catacomb's second level.

  • Cul-de-sac (Spy Room)[8]

The room lying next to the room with the secret entrance to Minotaur's Lair.


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