The caterpillar is the juvenile stage of butterflies and moths.


In the Ancient Ones' alphabet it is represented by the letter Q. The creature caterpillar was one of the Sacred Four, the highest "pure" items in their theology. The caterpillar was a surprising choice for the Ancients. In their reasoning, however, it made perfect sense. After all, there are birds aplenty in the skies, but what glory is it to fly when one is born with wings?. Is it not more glorious still to be born to crawl upon the ground and build one's own wings?

While Alice was in Wonderland, she met a hookah-smoking caterpillar sitting on a mushroom. Between puffs, the creature told Alice the mushroom was what she needed to change size--one side to make her taller, the other side to make her shorter. Since the girl had already been stretched and shrunk by a variety of cakes and potions, she had no trouble at all believing what the caterpillar said.

In another adventure underground, the caterpillar showed Alice a mushroom and said that if she ate the top of the mushroom, it would make her taller, and the stalk would make her shrink.[1]


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