Cauldrons are large cooking pots often used by witches.


Depending on rumors or which dimension Dahlia exists she is known to use a bubbling cauldron or a fiery oven. Evil spirits can be seen escaping the smoke of the cauldron. Dahlia meets her end in one of two cooking apparatuses. When pushed into the cauldron her body melted into the oily green slime in the pot, and slime was splattered on the outside of the cauldron.

The evil Dame Hagatha also uses a cauldron in her black cave to make her Human stew.

The Three sisters, the Graeae also are known to use a black cauldron for their magic.

The Swamp Witch was cooking some kind of stew inside of her Witch's Tower.

The corrupted archon Lucreto turned the Sacred Well into a vile cauldron which he used to create his Children of Darkness, his Henchmen.

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