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A cheetah is a large cat. They apparently live in the Green Isles.


The Arch Druid (unofficial) stoically wears his cheetah mantle, his mark of his position in the community.[1]

Behind the scenes

The archdruid's hood actually resembles the spots of a jaguar, a type of large feline.

Jaguars sport polygonal rosette pattern that are larger than the smaller rounder patterns of that of a Leopard, and are widely accepted as the third largest felines in the realms after lions and tigers. While the jungle is its preferred habitat, it will also reside in varieties of forested and open terrains. The jaguar is often symbolized in certain south American cultures.

In KQ6, the druid wears the skin of a leopard, based on the definitive spot pattern. Leopards is sometimes confused with both the cheetah and the jaguar. However, the patterns of spots in each are different: the cheetah has simple spots, evenly spread; the jaguar has small spots inside the polygonal rosettes; while the leopard normally has rounder, smaller rosettes than those of the jaguar. The leopard is larger and much more muscular than the cheetah, but slightly smaller and more lightly built than the jaguar.

The spots on the cat in TSL, do not actually match cheetah spots. It does not have exactly as polygonal as the rosettes like earth jaguar, instead they are bit rounder like a leopard's, but they are also a bit larger than a a real leopard's spots. Elements of the rosettes appear to be a mix of a bit of the shape and size of spots of jaguar, but rounder like that of a leopard. In anycase it really doesn't match up with the spot pattern in KQ6 Enhanced.


  1. Narrator (TSL)

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