The chess pieces are the inhabitants of Chessboard Land, a part of the Isle of Wonder which itself is a part of the Land of the Green Isles. The Chess Pieces are as their name suggests, living chess pieces. It is unknown how the Chess Pieces or their land came to be, or how many inhabitants of Chessboard Land there are. Humans are not allowed on Chessboard Land.

The Chess Pieces are ruled by two queens, Ruffina the Red Queen and Blanche the White Queen. While largely peaceful, the Queens often come to petty disagreements that are quickly solved and only lead to the next dispute. A Red Knight and White Knight guard the gates of the land. The Chess Pieces' chessboard has a road passing through it, and rolling hills known as the Harlequin Hills.

Chess pieces (unofficial)Edit

Chess pieces appear in the fan game The Silver Lining and related fan fiction, see Chess pieces (unofficial).

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