The Chessboard Land is a land on the Isle of Wonder. It is where the Chess Pieces live.


Only chess pieces are allowed into Chessboard Land, other races are not allowed into the land. Humans are not allowed in and it is ruled that they never will be. The land consists of a chess board that is made up of rolling Harlequin Hills. There is a road going through the middle of the land, that leads to a stepped marble bridge that spans to the walled and gated entrance of the land. This gate leads out into the Pun Garden. This wall apparently surrounds the entirety of the Land[1]. The sky of Chessboard Land is a brilliant shade of blue and has heavy, cotton-candy clouds.

In Chessboard Land, most chess pieces are not allowed to own any material possessions. Only the queens are allowed to own anything at all.

Chessboard Land (unofficial)Edit

Chessboard Land appears in fan games, see Chessboard Land (unofficial).


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