Chester Hobblepot is the husband of Muriel Hobblepot.


Early Life Edit

Chester proposed to Muriel up on the caves of the Great Mountains.

They are family of alchemists, apothecary, wizards, and shop keepers in the smaller Daventry Town Square.

Chester once visited Tanalore where he enjoyed the serpent-skin-wrapped frog-dogs there. His heart would always be left in Tanalore.

Chester is Hagatha (KQGS) biggest fan, and has a copy of her greatest hits.

A Knight To Remember Edit

Rubble Without A Cause Edit

Once Upon A Climb Edit

Personality and traitsEdit

Titles and nicknamesEdit

  • Chester Hobblepot
  • Town Alchemist

Behind the scenesEdit

Chester and his wife Muriel are dead as of Chapter 4 (but were alive around the time of the prologue). Graham mentions when Rosella is hungry that he remember's Chester making the same hungry face.

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