Chickens are a type of barnyard foul found throughout the world of Daventry and in Eldritch.


Chickens strut about their chicken coops. As all chickens do, they peck, scratch, and cluck. They are fed with chicken feed.

List of ChickensEdit

The Thieving Dwarf was known to make Chicken Soup in his underground home in Kolyma. Graham gave Chicken Soup to Grandma to help soothe her ailments, and was given a reward for his kindness.

Manannan kept chickens near his house on his mountain retreat which he had Gwydion kill for dinners. Gertrude ended up in Mannan's pot.

A chicken in Tamir belonged to the Fairy Genesta and was known for being able to lay golden eggs. It had been stolen by the Ogre family living there. Later Lolotte made Rosella steal it for her. When Lolotte died the chicken was returned to Genesta.

In Falderal a anthropomorphic chicken named Chicken Petite worried that the sky was falling.

Chickens were kept in village where Connor lived. They were kept by the various farmers that lived in the community. Some say Connor may have used the chickens for target practice during his journey to save Daventry to help improve his fighting skills.

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