The Children of the Night are an organization of vampires lead by Dracula in Kolyma. These vampires along with the Legion of the Undead make up Dracula's Children of Darkness. Following Dracula's death by King Graham, the Children of the Night continued to rule western Kolyma. Barriers in Kolyma, have with only occasional exceptions, kept the Children of the Night isolated. These include the the sea and Neptune's Kingdom to the west, the impassible mountains to the west, and the magical law of "containment" to the north and south.[1] Dracula himself is one of the Children of the Night.

Behind the scenesEdit

Technically Children of Darkness may be an alternate name for the Children of the Night, but Children of Darkness is a term also shared by Lucreto's Henchman, which is a separate organization altogether. Also whereas Dracula has also be described as a Child of the Night, the Children of Darkness are described as being subservient to Dracula.


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