The Church was a place of worship in Daventry town in the Kingdom of Daventry. It was located within Daventry town, on the edge of the village in a less populated section. It is a Christian church and symbol of the Cross was on the roof.


The Church in Connor's community is surrounded by the cemetery, and located next to the ancient mausoleum. The priest of the church had been turned to stone by the cataclysm. Connor left a piece of gold in the alms box to be blessed on his journey. The church had been damaged by the vile tempest, and the cross on top of the church had been knocked down and the door was blocked. Connor climbed into the foyer through the roof which had been ripped off by the tempest. The foyer had a long bench along one wall, and a table with the Sacred Flame to the right of the blocked door. Another table with the alms box was to the left side of the door. A red carpet was rolled out between the foyer and sanctuary. Inside the Sanctuary was six benches and the lectern. The sanctuary is surrounded by small stain glass windows. An urn to the left of the lectern in the sanctuary opened the door to The Mausoleum in the Church's cemetery when pushed. The large stain glass window at the front of the sanctuary had been cracked.

It is said that when Queen Maylie died, Daventry's church bells tolled in mourning.[1]

The ancient church was built around the same time as the mausoleum, and contains a secret mechanical devices that open the mausoleum. Both the church and mausoleum date back to at least the time of Sir James of Daventry and the old Castlekeep Ruins, if not long before. It guards the secret portal to the Dimension of Death.

Behind the scenesEdit

Daventry's church or churches were first mentioned as early as the second version of the King's Quest I manual. Although it did not appear in the game proper (though the idea for the church and its bells may be one of the things that evolved into the idea for the monastery in KQ2). It was not until KQ8 that the church was seen for the first time, though the bell is not seen in the game.

While the church is a Christian church it is unclear which denimation. Based on clothing priest appears to be wearing eastern orthodox or Coptic style clothing.


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