City of the Winged Ones


The City of the Winged Ones is a city at the top of the Sacred Mountain where Lord Azure and Lady Aeriel rule. Humans are only able to reach it by scaling to the top of the Cliffs of Logic on the Isle of the Sacred Mountain, or by help of Winged Ones' greeters.


The city entrance is accented with marble pillars and the ornate marble gate. The imposing marble gate blocks the path to the north into the city. The strange city behind the gate is made up of a community of nests atop tall pillars. The Palace Nest, the Palace of the Winged Ones is located atop the tallest pillar in the city as befits its status. Rearing tall behind the city is the peak of the Sacred Mountain. The peak towers above the city. The Oracle's cave, the Aerie of the Oracle is gashed into the side of the mountain like a wound.

The buildings in the city are set either in the sheer cliff-face or at the top of the enormous pillars. Without wings, it is impossible to enter the City.[1]


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