The Cloud Spirit lives in the clouds above Kolyma. He is the guardian of the Growth Gem, and keeps a winged steed as a disciple.

The Cloud Spirit would only give the gem to one who proved he was grown in mind and body, and would continue to grow through his life. He tested Graham by giving him visions of his past and of the future. Graham had no memory of the visions after the tests however. Graham proved himself worthy and won the Air and Growth Gem.

The First TestEdit

The first test pulled Graham back into his childhood with his best friend Malvolio. playing a game near the wall of Castle Daventry, a ball flew over the side of the fence and struck King Edward. Edward demanded to know who tossed the ball that hit him.

Graham was presented with several choices on how to react; blaming Malvolio, sharing the blame, evading the question, or risking Edward's wrath by taking the blame himself. The boy-Graham stepped in to take the blame for his friend, and Edward avoided punishing the boys, merely advising them to take the game elsewhere. the king then commented that he would be watching the young Graham carefully.

The Second TestEdit

Cast forward in time to King's Quest III: To Heir Is Human, Graham is at his darkest hour. The Three-headed dragon has left Daventry in ruins. Alexander was kidnapped, and Rosella weas set as a sacrifice to appease the creature. As things could not possibly get worse, The Father arrives and taunts Graham further. Graham confronts The Father for his involvement in sending the dragon, and in Alexander's kidnapping. The Father does not bother to deny any of it, but then offers a hellish deal for Graham; in exchange for the Crown of Daventry, he will send away the dragon, repair the blighted kingdom, and return Graham's children. Graham is tempted with a variety of choices from outright surrender to suicide, but chooses to refuse The Father's offer.

The Third TestEdit

Cast forward even further in time, Graham is now an old man and escorting Connor through the castle courtyard. With Alexander ruling the Green Isles and the implication that Rosella joins Edgar in Etheria, Daventry was left without an heir. The events of Mask of Eternity have brought a new champion of the kingdom.

Again, Graham faces a decision; to knight Connor and designate him his heir, as King Edward did for him, to dismiss Connor as not yet ready for the task, or a senile fit where he sets the new champion of Daventry against his former ally Cedric.

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