Coarsegold is a city in California on Earth.


Coarsegold was the home of Sierra On-line at one time.

Some say it is the fabled location of the Coarsegold Caverns, but others say there are no caverns in Coarsegold only old mines.

Rosella once worked in Coarsegold for a time at Sierra On-Line under Roberta Williams. Her job was to reenact the events of the time she was trapped in the Whale. It was there that she again met Larry Laffer, and Patti.

Some say it was at Coarsegold back in the days of Cowboys that Cedric travelled there but died in the desert heat only to be picked at by vultures.[1] There are other rumors to suggest that it could be reached via the Endless Desert of Serenia... As Tam Baker is said to have lost his wagon there when he could no longer fix it.[2]


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