The Coat of Arms was the Sacred Treasure of the Isle of the Beast.


It was stolen by Abdul Alhazred, who spread rumors that it was stolen by the Druids. The shield elements consists of a grey bar across a gold field, and a head of a beast on the crest. What looks to be a sword lies behind the shield. The sword and shield were likely used during the Prince Cocteau heroic days saving maidens across the world. Until the day encountered the witch that cursed him and set him upon the Isle of the Beast. The coat of arms is fabulously ornate and jeweled.[1]

It is not known of the shield offers any special powers like that of the Shield of Achille in Daventry. Or is simply sacred in the sense that it means something to Cocteau.

Behind the scenesEdit

This is not the only coat of arms mentioned in lore, as Daventry has a coat of arms, actually several examples. the Coat of Arms of the Beast however has the most lore surrounding it.


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