The information from this article is from the fan game {{{game}}} or fan fiction and is therefore not canon.

Prince Cocteau III the Thrice-Blessed is the prince of the Isle of the Beast (unofficial). He is the descendant of Cocteau II, and Cocteau I.


TSL universeEdit

Revenge of the Black Cloak SocietyEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

Beast is to appear in Episode 4, somehow the Prince has re-transformed back into the Beast.

Four Winds calls the prince, Prince Cocteau III. However this is an improper shortening of his title Thrice Blessed, and actually implies that he is the third prince/king to share the name Cocteau. The original intent of the title Thrice Blessed is unclear, and it is not known how he was blessed three times, but has nothing to do with his ancestral legacy.

Four Winds gives his title as Thrice-Blessed, however in the Companion, it was spelled Thrice Blessed without the hyphen.

Four Winds suggests that much of the island was created from pieces of the Prince's original homeland. It also suggests that the hunter and archer traps were put in place by his ancestors generations ago. However in original material, the witch brought him to enchanted island she constructed to hold him, and she was the one who constructed the castle from scratch, as well as the three mystical traps for him (which he had no previous connection to or seen before that time).

Four Winds also suggests that during the century the Prince was under the curse, no one ever visited him or knew he was on the island. In KQ6 its suggested that he knows the inhabitants of the other islands, especially the Crown quite well. Emissaries of the Crown even spread the rumor to him that members of the Druids came to his island, and stole his family heirloom Coat of Arms. Suggesting that somehow they did communicate with each other somehow (but apparently not enough to cause the curse to spread from the island).

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