Artwork from the various editions of the King's Quest Companion.


There are two known printings of the first edition with some slight differences on the cover, mainly on the spine, one has white text, and the other has black text. One of the two has an additional box on the back of the cover that says "Why This Book is For You - See Page 1".


Note:The bridge in the background of the third image is apparently intended to be the 'rope bridge' as seen in KQ2. Although the artist portrayed as more of a stone bridge. In fact looks closer to Old Stone Bridge in KQ1. However it does look like it is crossing a chasm with a mountain behind it. The interpretation of the bridge on the map in first edition by the same artist portrays it to be all wood.

The bird in the 2nd Edition map looks more like the 1-headed eagle than a Roc, and the egg looks like its already cracked. This maybe an interpretation of Graham's rescue from the roc.

The image of Rosella in the tower bedroom (in KQ4) is reused to represent KQ7 in the King's Quest Companion, 4th edition (although it doesn't technically relate to anything in the story).





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