Connor's House is the house in which Connor lives, it is located in the community where he lives, near Daventry town. As befits a tanner, skins from the local hunters can be found left to dry throughout his house.


It is a three room house, across the street from Sarah's House; The entrance into the house leads through an entrance hall. On the left side of the entrance hall is a small table with a few dishes, and a small bench. On the left side of the hall is another small table. The hall leads into his workspace, where he has a rack to dry skins, and where he keeps his art supplies including several canvases, an easel, and an artist's palette. In one corner is a sawhorse where he keeps a saddle. Another doorway leads off from the workspace to his bedroom. A bench is set in one corner. Another rack for drying skins is against one wall. A large table is set up where he does all of his skinning and prepares the skins for drying. Near the table is his fireplace where he prepares his food. The fireplace is decorated with deer antlers. His bed is next to the fireplace. In another corner of the bedroom is a shelf where he keeps his dishes and cookie jar.

During the cataclysm he thanked the heavens that he made it back to his house (since he was weaponless). He then checked it for intruders. He found no intruders, but he found his Dagger which he had left embedded in his table, and he took it to help defend himself as it was the only weapon he owned.

He had some food simmering in a kettle by the fireplace (which he used to heal his injuries received during a battle). He took his savings of 35 gold coins from his cookie jar which he kept on a shelf in his house. Outside to the left of his house were a bulls eye and a target-dummy which he used to train his fighting skills in case the village was ever attacked (he practiced on them before leaving on his journey). Mushrooms could be found growing on his lawn to the left of the entrance to his house, which he took to provide more food for his journey.

A roving goblin patrolled near his house, and tried to attack Connor, forcing him to defend himself with the dagger he took from his house.

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