The information from this article is from the fan game s or fan fiction and is therefore not canon.

Connor, called in the fan games and fan fiction as Connor MacLyrr or Connor Mac Lyrr appears in the several games and stories.


Connor has been portrayed differently by various authors, composers, and developers. Some have him knighted by Graham directly after his return from the Realm of the Sun. Others have him knighted years after. Still others have him become the next heir of Daventry.

Fan GamesEdit

AGDI universeEdit

In KQ2+ due to a curse put on Graham by Morgeilen he is left with no residing heir, as his son and daughter forged their own paths in other kingdoms. Fortunately, the new champion Connor MacLyrr (according to AGDI's website) had arose in Daventry and was worthy of filling in the void. When had returned to Daventry king Graham discussed the idea of making him heir, and wondered if he would be able to fulfill his obligations as Champion Eternal and still be able to rule Daventry. Since he had proven his nobility by defeating Lucreto and saving the world, King Graham knighted him as his First Knight. Thus he became his successor and heir to throne.

It should be noted however, that in the official King's Quest Companion it is implied that Rosella only visits Etheria and she along with Edgar would remain the future heirs of Daventry.

Also, to cater to both sides of the fandom that like or hate Conner. Graham can either make him his heir, or send him back home (although this leads to a bad ending, where the kingdom will ultimately have no heir and its implied that The Father's curse has won). Or if one unlocks an easter egg, Graham sends him on a quest to slay Cedric The Owl.(The easter egg openly stating that Graham only wanted Cedric dead because he had gone senile)

Titles and names
  • Sir Connor of Daventry
  • First Knight

POS universeEdit


Known as Connor MacLyrr, he is married to Sarah Burke. He no longer lives in the realm of the sun, he married Sarah, and was knighted as the new Captain of the Royal Guard, thanks to his actions of saving the kingdom.

Fan fictionEdit

Daventry SuiteEdit

In Daventry Suite; after Sarah was was restored, she waited for her hero's return, hoping to hold him in her arms again. A medieval festival was held by the inhabitants of the land of Daventry to honor their national hero, Connor Mac Lyrr, upon his return from the Realm of the Sun, after single-handedly defeating the evil forces that held them captive. Connor's Triumphal Return to Daventry was announced by fanfare. There was a joyful atmosphere for the knighting of Connor Mac Lyrr by King Graham.

The Incorruptible OneEdit

Revenge of the Black Cloak SocietyEdit

The New Perils of RosellaEdit

Connor was a brutish lad, about Rosella (unofficial)'s age (seventeen), from her home in Daventry. He was known to be able to break himself free, and give his opponents a good walloping. [1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The name 'MacLyrr'/'Mac Lyrr' originates from an early prototype storyline for King's Quest: Mask of Eternity, where Connor, then known as 'Connor mac Lyrr' would have been the son of a poor fisherman, and lived by the sea, born on the night the Mask of Eternity was shattered[1]. In the final release version of the story, he was known simply as Connor (or 'Connor of Daventry'), and his background was that of a "tanner". Lyrr is the Celtic god of the sea (the name means "sea"). The surname McLyrr or Mac Lir, signifies his children. One of his children was said to be... Manannan Mac Lir. Thus when Connor was moved inland, and was turned into a tanner, the surname 'mac Lyrr' was no longer relevant. 'mac Lyrr' means 'son of Lyrr'.


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