Conquests of the LongbowEdit

  • A merchant in Conquests of the Longbow (c. 1193) was selling fine rugs from the King's palace in Daventry, that had been auctioned off for a fraction of their worth. The rugs were thick, luxurious with a foreign look to them.
  • He also knelt on a thick rug woven in the Daventry style. One shows the crest of Daventry and another has the shield of Lytton.

Hoyle 3Edit

Graham, Rosella, Mordack, and Lolotte play against the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Rosella's First QuestEdit

Rosella meets Robin Hood.

The Bookwyrm Investigates: Sierra Characters' Favorite BooksEdit

Bookywyrm interviews Graham, Rosella, and Robin Hood.

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